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Domain Name & Hosting


When you set up a website, you will need two things on an ongoing basis: A domain name such as, and a server to host your website files, which is known as web hosting.

Domain Name Registrations

Whether you simply need a local domain name such as or a number of domain names using different extensions such as .net or .biz, we can register these for you.

Web Hosting

At this time, we only offer hosting to new and existing web design accounts, but if you choose to host with another service provider, we can help. We utilize a state-of-the-art hosting provider that we have worked with since day one. Here is a snapshot of what you will get:

CLOUD HOSTING We host and distribute your data across many servers in a number of clusters and datacenters to protect you against hacks and hardware failures. With traditional hosting, any service interruption to your server can cause down time.

RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY We’ve got state of the art Secure data centers all around the world! 99.9% Uptime GUARANTEED! Our network is built to provide your website with ultimate performance and high availability.

SECURE Our security approach is multi-tiered to make sure your website is fully protected. Security includes hardened local server firewalls, router & load balancer firewalls, hardened operating systems and more.


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